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The title examination is a very integral step within the framework of the closing process and this function is conducted with the greatest of prudence at Landmark Title South. Care is taken in all examination procedures to ensure that purchasers and lenders are protected from subsequent matters which would cause delays in current as well as future transactions.

     Records are searched in the county recorders, auditors, and engineers offices' to ascertain ownership and lien interests. These records include deed, mortgage, powers of attorney, lease, federal and state tax lien, and tax map records. This search would also determine easement and rights of way matters.

     County treasurer and auditors records are searched for real estate taxes and current as well as future assessments that have been certified.

     The county clerk of courts records are searched for pending law suits and other matters which would affect the real estate transaction. Such matters would include foreclosure actions, certificate of judgments, divorce and legal separation cases, probate records for estates and guardianship matters.

     In appropriate situations, the federal bankruptcy records are examined to determine the ability of sellers to convey and buyers to mortgage their interest in real estate.

     The title examination is normally the initial step in the real estate transaction and at Landmark Title South, our objective is  to conduct a timely and thorough search of the various records to enable a satisfactory experience for all of your real estate transaction. 


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