Good morning! Can I make an appointment with you for tomorrow after 3:30 to sign a contract to be able to begin a title search? Currently reside at 2695 county Line rd and there should be a contract for me to sign from AJ Phillips

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Are you or were you affiliated with Dave Klopf’s Landmark Title on Poe Rd. ?
Can you help with a sale in which seller’s Land Contract is held in a trust? They are telling us, Seller doesn’t have a deed and therefore can’t transfer ownership to his buyer.

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Selling a house that is scheduled for Sherriff’s sale.

I have a house that the owners are interested in selling the house to me before it goes to auction, but the bank is saying that they aren’t allowed to. I was under the impression that you could sell the up until the date of the auction as long as it’s for more then the judgment amount. It appraise that that is what was done for the property at 1565 DRAKE DRIVE XENIA, 45385 through this Title agency. I wanted to reach out for your insight in the matter and if it would be possible for Landmark to facilitate the closing.

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1031 Exchange

Hi Liz- John Ruffolo gave me your name. Can we set up a time to discuss our closing needs for a 1031 exchange?

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Small Estate Affidavit

Hello Mr Rofolo,
This is Steve Grulick the son of Albert and Bonnie Grulick. We still are having problems with two Insurance Companies. My sister Sherry has ask me to try to get this situation taken care of as she has had problems with her Son situation. The insurance company has said to use a form “Small Estate Affidavit”. I’m not sure where we should go to get Mom and Dads Insurance which amounts to close to $20,000. Thanks

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Signature for title search

Back in October 24, 2022, you did a title search for Richland Crumley UM Church. We as a church is working to disaffiliating from United Methodistim. The title search paper that I received from you did not have your signature on it. The district superintendent requires your signature. Could you please email me another copy of the title search with your signature? Thank you, Lillian L. Chappell

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Randall M Glenn

Good Morning Jenna

I have a Deed & Mortgage we received today for
Anna Holdings / Randall M Glenn
On the Mortgage it’s referring to Master Mortgage, we
do charge $4 for the margin reference. I can hold document if you like to send in the $4
Also, the return envelope has ATTN H. Kimberlin
I did not see her email. So, you are the lucky one. 🙂

If you have any question, just give us a call.



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2716 Kingman Dr., Xenia – Proceeds to sellers

Hello, You closed the sale of this property of Thursday afternoon. As of Friday evening, the proceeds to the sellers have still not been deposited into their account. They are very upset and stressed. Please call me as soon as possible to let me know the status of the wire transfer. This is a mess and we need to sort it out as soon as possible. Thank you.

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