Hello Mr. Ruffolo,

Adam Arnold provided me your contact information and said you were a good resource for real estate related issues. My name is Dan Judge and I have a few properties down in the Hocking Hills area. My wife and I purchased one last year that had a cabin sitting on two parcels. We would like to have our mortgage company release one of the parcels in order to build on it, but the cabin unfortunately has a small corner that straddles the boundary between the two parcels.

I think I have a basic understanding of what is needed to fix this situation (having the property re-surveyed and then preparing a new deed that amends the legal description of each property as well as petitioning the county to formalize the changes), but am definitely open to being corrected. I am wondering if this is something you could potentially assist with and about the cost for this process, if we were to pursue it? I am in the process of getting quotes for the surveying as well, though open to surveyor referrals if you have any.

Thanks very much for your time and consideration,

Dan Judge