In June of 2022, I signed a contract to purchase a home from Fischer Homes along with my then spouse. The house is located at the Landings at Sugarcreek. A few months later my then spouse asked for divorce. Knowing that I would eventually need a place to live, I started looking for housing options. Since I was working with Fischer homes, I considered a second home built by Fischer. I knew I was already under contract with Fischer for the home at the Landings at Sugarcreek and planned on getting a second Fischer home if they were available. I requested information about homes at the Trails of Greycliff in Franklin Ohio. I never received a reply about my inquiry about homes at the Trails of Greycliff. Instead, a person who manages the inquiries that come through the website went to the Sales person I was working with, Heather Werner, to tell her that I had inquired about a property at the Trails of Greycliff. Heather was contacted because the person who takes the online inquiries saw that I was under contract for another property being built by Fischer Homes. Heather Werner then reached out to my then spouse to tell my previous spouse that I had inquired about properties at the Trails of Greycliff. Neither Heather Werner or anyone from Fischer homes reached out to me. As a result, I received an angry phone call from my now ex-spouse to call Heather Werner back. I called Heather Werner who asked me why I was looking at other homes if I was already under contract. I explained to her the reason and had a very awkward conversation.

I am interested in suing Fischer Homes for a violation of my privacy. Is there enough based on the information I provided that could result in a successful lawsuit?