Liz Hall | Title Administrator

Liz Hall has a wealth of experience in the title and closing industry and serves as Landmark’s Title Administrator. Boasting nearly 20 years of experience, she answers many requests for seller documents, Preliminary CD’s, as well as backup for detailed closing package preparations.

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Mindy Crouse | Pre-closing Specialist

Mindy Crouse is Landmark’s Pre-closing Specialist. She has been in the title industry business since 1996 in the states of Ohio and Texas. She returned to Ohio in 1996. Mindy started doing order entry and has worked in all aspects of the business, including serving as a processor for 25 years.

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Debi Key | Marketing; PR

Debi Key has 40 years of title agency experience. Her extensive background has included management, marketing, and escrow officer roles with Midland Title, Fidelity Land Title Agency, and Chicago Title Company.

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Adam Armstrong | Escrow Accounting

Adam Armstrong is graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with an accounting degree. He enjoys playing in local golf tournaments and spending most of his free time outdoors.

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Derrick Lynch | Title Opinions; Shipping

Derrick Lynch came to Landmark Title Agency South with 15 years of consumer loan experience through PNC Asset Management Group. He handles Post Closing, Attorney’s Opinions, and Policy Production.

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Adam Thoma | Post Closing; Recording

Adam Thoma is the “wearer of all hats” for Landmark Title Agency South’s daily operations, most notably presiding over title commitments and banking assistance. His nine-year professional background allows Adam to serve our lenders and mortgage processors in an expeditious manner to meet all of their needs and requirements.

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Angie Honaker | VP, Commercial; Cash

Landmark Title Agency South is very proud to call Angie Honaker the agency’s lead pre-closing coordinator for over 20 years running. She is fondly nicknamed “Information Central” as she has played an integral part of Landmark Title’s growth and successes through the years. Originating from a family of title and mortgage banking professionals, Angie has experienced every type of closing transaction with expertise and accuracy. She is very much a specialist in communicating with our lenders and realtors on a daily basis.

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