Please inquire with your sellers if they took advantage of the FORBEARANCE Programs due to Covid-19. Our underwriters are finding that these types of programs create a ‘Partial Claim Mortgage.’ This is separate from their original mortgage, which potentially creates an additional mortgage recording at the county.

In the event that the seller did participate in the Forbearance program, their payoffs can require additional documentation. Further, they can take additional processing time, some up to 10-14 business days to return 3rd party requests due to additional calculation.

To be proactive (if possible), please have the seller request the payoff in advance and forward to you (the agent/admin) or to Landmark via FAX 937-432-6075 or Email:( making the payoff good 1 week past the contract close date.

We are also happy to speak with the seller regarding this if we know in advance of the Forbearance. With your help we can stay on top of any possible delay should a Forbearance payoff be involved.